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Our team


Gerard Baltazar

El capitán

The team captain who runs the house like a tight ship. Keeping the company’s vision and objectives as they should be. Solving all kinds of problems he is a great trouble shooter.


Julia Zotova

Strategy lady

Captain’s 'right hand'. She has the ability to keep things organized, which is of immense importance when you have a tightly knit team to organise events. Did we tell you she is truly into the 'roots' of traditional Latin Dance?



Artist & Program lady

What to say about Dana? Mostly of you know her for vibrant dance routine. Responsible to program is set. Artists are covered, classes are planned.  She finds time to arrange complex set up in between her hectic schedule of lessons - making sure you make the best out of our events. And not just the program...

Jorge Maryano_edited.jpg

Jorge Maryano

Dancer & Choreographer

Dancer, choreographer and artist. He is responsible for all our dance artists coordination. He ensures master classes are started and finished on time for smooth running of the festivals. He won’t hesitate to step in where needed as a ‘trouble shooter’.


Kristina Grigoryeva

Partnership lady

A great mind behind our festival sponsorship, partnership, ambassador loyalty & registration program. Also responsible for logistics,  registration and coordinating artists arrival to the event location. She has a mind of a bot to adjust to any kind of task there is.  She is flexible and adaptable.


Alex Paska

Production guy

Give him a shell and core and he’ll turn it into an ideal party event. His time at the events starts much, much earlier since he is the one making sure all the venues are ready. He is the head of the decorations team, making dark walls of all venues fresh and neat.